Fantastic news this week coming from our winter snow bunting work in South Western Ontario. MITACS bunting post-doc Dr. Emily McKinnon travelled up to Bird Studies Canada to work with Stu Mackenzie, our lab manager Chris Harris and CSBN bander David Okines to deploy 20 avian Nano-tags on birds caught at David’s St. Williams’ site. The digital tags are already being picked up by antennas within the MOTUS network, and we are hoping to use the fine-scale, real-time data to assess individual movement patterns across the winter in response to changes in weather. With help from the Love Lab, the MOTUS network is also deploying five new towers along the Saint Lawrence river in Québec, as well as in Newfoundland and Labrador. We hope to use these towers to look at the timing of spring migration in our SW Ontario birds as they travel over to Western Greenland to breed.