Student enjoying research


The primary goal of our lab is to inspire and support bright, enthusiastic young scientists to help explore, examine and conserve the world around them. I believe my role as a supervisor is to optimize the match between a student’s interests/capabilities and a given scientific question/system to help them grow personally and scientifically using cutting-edge techniques within a well-supported environment.

If you are interested in joining the Love Lab, the research that our lab undertakes, or have ideas of your own that are related to our research, please send me a copy of your CV and a list of your research interests.

Within each year, we also have a limited number of positions available for Undergraduate Honours Thesis students (55-420). These 2-semester projects usually integrate Ecology and Physiological mechanisms, all within an Evolutionary framework and can involve laboratory techniques, data-base analyses and/or primary data collection. Honours projects are an excellent way to gain research experience and to see whether you might enjoy graduate research.