Our Approach


Finding and working with people who take a balanced approach while passionately undertaking science is the key to our group’s success and happiness. Although capability and rigor is vital for succeeding in science, I work hard to collaborate with people who strive to tackle complex scientific questions with a similar appreciation for work ethic, common sense, and above all a respect for themselves and those around them.

Not surprisingly then, I value quality over quantity in choosing my students and research colleagues, and I work very hard to ensure our research team remains a relatively small core group of very happy people who are invigorated by their projects, positively challenged by their colleagues, and excited about growing as people and scientists.

Our overall goal is to inspire and support bright and enthusiastic young scientists to help them explore, examine and conserve the world around them. If this positive and supportive approach to science and working with people sounds rewarding, our research group may be the place for you.